Alkaline Enhanced Spring Water - Naturally Filtered Spring Water in 16.9-Ounce PET Plastic Bottles

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Pure Alkaline Enhanced Spring Water***
Alkaline water is known for its incredible benefits, helping to keep you in optimal health by fueling your body’s vital systems and restoring your natural balance. Get the essential hydration you need with PULSE+ Alkaline Spring Water. Our detoxifying crystal-clear spring water has an 8+ pH level, higher than most water, and is loaded with nourishment that can be quickly absorbed into the human body. This enhanced water helps support a healthy colon, skin, and weight, neutralizing acid in your bloodstream to help you look and feel your best.

***Hydration on the Go***
Having ice-cold drinks on hand can nourish you to the core and help you power through your day. Unlike flavored water and juices, this pure mountain spring water gives you the crisp, clean flavor you crave with no calories, artificial ingredients, or sugar crash. It is bottled at the source from one of the purest springs in the US, found in the Pocono Mountains, and goes through 5 levels of filtration to bring you balanced flavor and satisfying refreshment. Our premium-quality 16.9-oz food-grade bottles come in bulk cases of 24, keeping you stocked for the gym, work, office, park, and busy days on the go.

***Sustainable and Recyclable***
PULSE+ purified bottled waters are packaged in recyclable PET plastic bottles that are BPA-free and contain no harmful chemicals. From our raw materials to our bottle creation, we use climate-conscious practices and responsible sourcing. Our premium-quality packaging is carefully designed to raise the bar with better processes that minimize waste. The future of our world depends on it.

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